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Stolen Deposit Boxes Found Near Lewellen

There was no little consternation manifested last Monday when a phone call came to the Farnam Bank from the sheriff of Garden County, asking if there was a reward out for the return of some of the bank boxes which were taken at the time of the robbery here last summer.

Eleven of the deposit boxes were found last Monday by a farmer living about three miles east of Lewellen. He and another fellow were shucking corn and he struck his foot against something which he took, at first to be a tobacco can, but another kick revealed it to be something larger, and upon investigation found eleven of the stolen boxes.

From all indications the robbers had plowed a shallow furrow, with the toe of their shoe, just large enough for the boxes to lie in end to end, and had carefully raked the dirt back up over them.

S. F. Parker, president of the bank, and W. Clark Jones, in company with county Sheriff, Leslie Burns, drove up to Oshkosh to recover the stolen boxes from the county sheriff.

The lids of the boxes had been pried open, but the most of the papers etc., where in fair shape. Nothing is reported missing except a $100 bond which was taken from C. J. Garven’s box. None of the other papers were of any value to the rascals, consequently the buried boxes.

The boxes recovered were: one belonging each to The Farnam Bank; S. F. Parker; A. O. Hicks; C. J. Garven; Carson Davis; C. F. Meyers; T. W. Ainlay; H. T. McNickle; J. O. Martin; John Donelson; and David Hanna.

The Farnam Echo 39(52):1, Thursday, 4 November 1926


Published: 8/12/2022 -
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