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American Legion Offering $5 Prize

The American Legion boys of Post 288 are offering $5.00 as a prize to the one furnishing the best specifications and diagram for a base upon which to mount the cannon which the boys received last fall as a war trophy. The base is to be about 10 feet and the top to be about 6 feet, the base is not to occupy more than 12 feet square and the sides to be between 30 to 48 inches high.

All drafts must bear complete diagrams, specifications, for material, shape and finish and also an estimate on cost. No names will be attached to these papers and they will be known by numbers only. This is open to high school students only. If you have not started work on these plans, better get busy.

The Farnam Echo (21):1, Thursday, 1 April 1926


Published: 8/12/2022 -
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