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Final Issue of The Farnam Echo

Farnam And Community To Be Served
By The Gothenburg Times

After 35 years of continuous service to the people of Farnam and community, the Farnam Echo is compelled to suspend publication with this issue.

We regret that this decision is necessary but due to successive crop failurs which have affected business conditions, we feel that we cannot successfully continue.

We have greatly appreciated our business relations in Farnam during the past ten years, and are glad to announce that in spite of our suspension of publication, Farnam and community will continue to receive newspaper and printing service.

We have disposed of the list of The Echo to The Gothenburg Times, feeling that they are in a position to best serve our readers. The publishers of The Times have agreed to send The Times to all subscribers of The Echo for the unexpired portion of their subscription. A part of The Times will be devoted to the interests of Farnam citizens and the good people of the community, and the closeness of the two communities should make a satisfactory arrangement.

We wish to here express our thanks to all of you for your patronage and for many pleasant associations, and sincerely hope that our successors will receive a continuation of that friendly co-operation.

And so, with this issue, The Farnam Echo writes “30” — which in newspaper parlance means “The End.”

We close our business connections with Farnam at this time, but we hold many memories which will always remain with us. We say good-bye with a sincere wish for the future happiness and prosperity of each and every one of you.

And while we say good-bye and close our business at Farnam, we will still be in the nearby community of Overton and hope that our Farnam friends will feel free to visit us there at any time.

W. B. Heath
Mildred Heath

The Farnam Echo 35(22):1, Thursday, 1 February 1940


Published: 6/6/2023 -
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