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Farnam Cemetery Association Special Meeting

Pursuant to Article II, Revised Constitution The Farnam Cemetery Association, Farnam, Nebraska, take notice that on Tuesday, April 26, 1938, at 2:00 o’clock P. M. in the Farnam Bank of said village said association will hold a special meeting and at said time and place, in accordance with resolution duly adopted by a special meeting of the members of said association held after due notice on April 4, 1938, a proposal will be presented to the duly qualified members of said association by its Treasurer and other officers to authorize said Treasurer and other officers to do all things necessary to dispose of all said associations property by contract to the Village of Farnam, Dawson County, Nebraska, upon consideration that said village shall at all times thereafter maintain, support and manage The Farnam Cemetery as a municipal cemetery according to law.

By S. F. Parker, Secretary-Treasurer

The Farnam Echo 34(31), Thursday, 7 April 1938


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