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From Two Jackies (Brown, Harris-9/19/1917)

September 19, 1917.

Dear Friend and Editor:

We received the Echo last week and was sure glad to get it. This is a kind of partnership letter.

Today was review day, all of the companies that are in this camp are pretty well drilled and passed review in good shape. We had a sham battle in which there were 8 3-in. guns, each one was fired seven times and with the smaller ones it sure was some noise for a while. After the battle was over they had a fine concert.

We always have plenty to go to here. Tomorrow afternoon is athletic day. There is going to be a good wrestling match and some good boxing is going to take place also.

We read A. E. Reeves’ letter in the paper and from what he says we think that the navy is the best. We all three read the paper and that way we know what is going on in Farnam.

The other day they brought a case of eggs to the galley and the case had E. Ceder & Co’s. name on it. We all said that those eggs tasted better than any others we have eaten. We won’ tell the date on the case, though.

The Navy Relief and Red Cross Societies are doing good work for the boys here in camp, and we sure want to thank the women of Farnam for comfort kits that they gave us, they sure come in handy.

We will close for this time.
    From two Jackies,
        Orlie K. Brown
        Forrest D. Harris

The Farnam Echo 14(42):1, Thursday, 27 September 1917


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