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Pioneers of 1880s

Some time ago we were talking over early events and mentioning the names of early settlers who helped to make this community what it is today, with Jim Murphy and he stated that he had a list of the charter members of what was known as the Farmer’s Alliance, which was organized about 1888 or 1889. This organization was somewhat similar to the Farmer’s Union or Co-operative Associations of today and was organized by these pioneers for their mutual benefit.

We shall first give you a list of these members as they were handed to us and will mark an (X) after those whodead, [sic.] (U) when address is unknown or dead or living, those living (L).

F. H. Alden                (U)
John Ainlay                (X)
Calvin Bradshaw            (X)
E. T. Buss                 (X)
A. B. Barnhart             (X)
G. W. Buffon               (X)
James Berwick              (L)
    Dickens Nebr.
George Buffon              (X)
E. W. Crossgrove           (L)
    Farnam, Nebr.
John Calligan              (L)
    586 W. Center St.
    Pomona, Calif.
Eugene Cedar               (X)
C. J. Cole                 (X)
J. V. Dawson               (L)
    Gothenburg, Nebr.
T. M. Dawson               (X)
M. C. Divoll               (L)
    Trenton, Nebr.
W. L. De Clow              (L)
    Cedar Rapids, Ia.
C. L. Dawson               (X)
Guy Dawson                 (L)
    Minneapolis, Minn.
Hudson Fitch               (X)
Harris Fitch               (X)
Edwin Freeur               (X)
W. Gallaway                (X)
F. C. Haukenbury           (L)
    Denver, Colo.
C. E. Jackson              (L)
    Farnam, Nebr.
Wm. Johnson                (X)
J. C. Kitchen              (L)
    Farnam, Nebr.
Geo. Loucomber             (X)
    Mr. Loucomber died only a short time ago at his home
    at Scottsbluff, Nebr., leaving many interests in the
    North Platte valley.
N. L. Moore                (X)
J. W. Murphy               (L)
    Farnam, Nebr.
I. J. Owens                (L)
    Ontario, Calif.
R. C. Perkins              (L)
    Cleveland, Ohio
Abe Parsons                (X)
C. S. Rolfe                (X)
Jay Stebbins               (L)
    Mishawaka, Ind.
M. L. Stebbins             (X)
R. R. Teemley              (L)
    Long Beach, Calif.
J. O. Tillotson            (L)
    Farnam, Nebr.
Harry Taylor               (L)
    Farnam, Nebr.
Louis Tonney               (X)
Ed Thompson                (L)
    800 Bayswater Ave.
    Burlingame, Calif.
Thos. Thompson             (X)
R. I. Thompson             (X)
J. W. Woodry               (X)
J. S. Walker               (X)
Alex E. Whetstone          (L)
    Long Beach, Calif.
Wesley Walker              (U)
F. E. Wilcox               (L)
    North San Antonio Ave.
    Ontario, Calif.
Jerry Walker               (U)
W. A. Wallingford          (L)
    Gothenburg, Nebr.
H. I. Wills                (U)
Wm. Wills                  (X)

We shall be very glad to hear from anyone who knows the whereabouts or address of any of these men. Especially those whose addresses we have not given. Drop us a line telling where they are, what they are doing, health they are in and all about them, as the several members of the Alliance who are living would be glad to hear from them, and we shall be glad to publish your letters in regard to them.

We shall be pleased to hear from you anyway if you have any suggestions to make or news of people who were formerly from Farnam.

The Farnam Echo , Thursday, 23 June 1927


Published: 7/1/2022 -
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