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Smallpox Scare

NOTICE–We are requested to announce that there will be no church services or other public gatherings in Farnam until further notice, owing to the uncertainty attendant upon the smallpox scare.

The G. A. Rs have decided not to hold any public decoration services except that all the old veterans are requested to meet at the A. O. U. W. hall Monday, May 30, promptly at one o’clock a.m. [sic] and there form in line and march to the cemetery and decorate the dead veteran’s graves. All others, not veterans, who feel so disposed are cordially invited to join in this cemetery. —By order of Committee.

There is one case of smallpox in Farnam, Bessie Wood is the victim, she is sick at the brick front hotel, the hotel and it’s occupants are carefully quarantined and every precaution is being taken to prevent the disease spreading. Farmers and others wishing to come to Farnam on business can do so with reasonable safety unless you have been exposed to smallpox in which case you want to keep shy of marshal Phillips or he will get you in his net.

C. Bradshaw, in behalf of our village board of health, wired to Gov. Mickey, yesterday, concerning our small pox scare, and received immediate reply that Dr. Towne of Lincoln, one of the best authorities in the state on small pox, would probably reach here today.

The Farnam Echo 1(23):1, Saturday, 7 May 1904


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