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Farnam Fancies

Farnam will not unfurl the starry flag of freedom this July 4. The knights of the bat and mask have received a challenge to cross bats on the Eustis diamood that day. Of course the challenge is accepted.

That long looked for wet spell has arrived. Four delightful rains the past week, and more clouds in sight. Corn is looking fine but ’tis feared small grain is a goner.

Quite a number of Farnam’s school marm’s are attending institute in Stockville this year. A portion of them expect to teach in Lincoln county. Why not patronize Lincoln county institutes?

Prof. F. A. Brannick was discovered at a very early hour Wednesday morning, the 21st inst., jurnping high in the elements and declaring at the very highest pitch of voice that the "bye’s" name will be Bryan, or he will have no name at all. He is a bouncer, 9½ pounds, and bids fair to be a man like papa. Best wishes to all concerned.

J. W. Hollingsworth arrived in Farnam tbe 21st inst., but not being favorably impressed with small grain prospects, sold his entire threshing machine outfit and returned to Onarga, Ill., Thursday.

Chas. Wallingford is now the proud possessor of 160 acres of land, having filed on the Minnie Wilson place last week. It is reported that Mr. Jones had filed a water right on this place a few days prior to Charles’ filing, but the latter will hold.

The singing class organized by Bridges Bros. is now being ably directed by Mr. Dunton.

The Independent Era (North Platte) 15(47):1, Thursday, 29 June 1899


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