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Greenlee Home Destroyed by Fire

As we go to press word reaches us that fire of unk[n]ow[n] origin destroyed the farm home of Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Greenlee this afternoon at about 4 o’clock. It is thought that the fire originated from a defected flue as the upper portion of the house was the first to burn.

We have been unable to obtain exact figures regarding the estimated loss and damages, but practically all the furniture downstairs was saved. Clothing, bedding and furniture up stairs was beyond the reach of the neighbors who quickly gathered there to lend helping hands, and a rough estimation places the loss at about $2500.

A neighbor who was passing the home and noticed the house was on fire and quickly sought Mr. Greenlee who was fixing fence some where on the place. Help was soon summoned and the furniture was quickly removed from the lower floor, but the fire had gained too much headway and the upper portion of the house was so enveloped in flames that they were unable to reach the second floor in an effort to save the things up there.

Mrs. Greenlee and the children were at the school house cleaning it at the time of the fire.

Insurance covered about half of the property so it was not a complete loss.

The Farnam Echo , Thursday, 20 August 1925


Published: 8/12/2022 -
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