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Boy Meets Tragic Death

Stacy Jack, 12-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Chester Jack, living ten miles southeast of Farnam, was dragged to death by a horse Tuesday afternoon, when he became entangled in the tug of a horse’s harness.

The boy was dragged for about a mile, and died a few moments after he was released from the horse.

According to information we have received the boy was getting the horse ready to return home after school and was having trouble in getting it in the shalves. He kicked at the horse and the horse moved so that a tug on the harness swung about the boys leg, forming a sort of a half-hitch, and the horse became frightened and ran, dragging the boy after it for about a mile. At the G. C. Buehner farm they saw the horse coming and ran out and headed it into the yard, where it was stopped.

The Farnam Echo 54(52):1, Thursday, 5 September 1935


Published: 9/25/2023 -
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