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Public Notice

On account of the seriousness of the Influenza epidemic the Village Board of Farnam forbids all public gatherings both indoors and outdoors.

The public school and churches will be closed until further notice.

All business places shall close at 6 p.m., excepting restaurant and hotel which shall close at 7:30 p.m.

There shall be no loafing or waiting in business or other places. If you have business to transact, do it, then go home.

These regulations shall also apply to people living outside the Village during such time as they are within the Village.

Let us cooperate and each do our part in the stamping out of the disease in Farnam.

December 2d, 1918

Clyde McElmoil,
Chairman Village Board

The Farnam Echo 15(52):1, Thursday, 5 December 1918


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