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Hail Storm Kills Stock

Much Damage to Wheat Is
Reported; W. E. Hopkins
Has Narrow Escape

A heavy rain with some hail fell here last Friday evening. The hail did but little damage, and the rain fell in torrants [sic] for a short time. The water in Plum creek here, ran over the railroad track for a short time, but did no damage to the tracks.

Southwest of here, between Stockville and Moorefield a terrific hail was reported, which killed livestock and piled the hail up in drifts five and six feet deep. Damage to roofs and cars caught in the storm was heavy. The storm southwest of here came about four o’clock in the afternoon, while the rain and hail here was about six-thirty o’clock.

W. E. Hopkins, had a narrow escape while crossing Beaver creek, when his car was washed off the grade. He was able to leap from the car to safety. The car was filled with water and durt, [sic] and one side was bent badly from going into the ditch. Seat covers and upholstering was also badly damaged.

For sometime before the storm, it was nearly as dark as night, due to the heavy dust in the air and the clouds.

The hail strip extended west to the vicinity of Maywood. It is reported that one farmer southeast of Curtis lost nine head of cattle in the storm.

The rainfall here was registered 1.46 inches, by the gauge at the lumber yard. It was reported to be much heavier west and northwest of town.

The Farnam Echo 54(37):1, Tuesday, 14 May 1935


Published: 8/17/2022 -
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