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Thompson Purchases Snowmobile

Much curiosity was aroused last week when C. E. Gish our Ford Dealer unloaded a snowmobile for J. W. Thompson, to be used on his mail route. This Ford attachment comprises, an extra set of wheels for the rear end of the car. They are extended two or three feet back of the rear wheels and a chain is run over these two sets of wheels forming a caterpillar drive, which gives the vehicle much more power and does not cut through the snow or mud like an ordinary wheel.

There has been so much snow and it has been drifting so much that it was very hard on a team to make a long trip every day and much of the time a new track had to be broken. So Mr. Thompson decided to try this new contrivance out.

He made the trip around his route one day this week in 3 hours and 30 minutes. This is just 30 minutes longer than it takes to make the trip when the roads are good. His route is about 30 miles long.

The Farnam Echo ?(11), Thursday, 22 January 1925


Published: 8/17/2022 -
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