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A Request

To all those within the sound of my voice through the ‘Farnam Press’.

In my recent trip to Rochester, I used something over thirty pints of blood, which was donated by the Blood Bank. They billed me for this blood, something over $800.00 but at the bottom of the bill, they marked ‘PAID.’

What I would like to do is replace this blood, so the next time the Blood Mobile comes along and you folks go over to donate your pint, please do this. After you have been recognized as donors, ask them to credit that to help replace what John A. Rowland has used from the bank.

We got home last Saturday night and I don’t have to tell you folks, that it is just like Christmas, the fourth of July, and a half dozen other holidays rolled into one for a couple of happy kids. Margarette really had a tougher time than I did, waiting around to see whether I was coming home, or establish a permanent residence up there. Now she has to take the place of the St. Mary’s Hospital.

And now I want to thank you again, all you wonderful people around the country for your cards and letters. I’m a telling you, sometimes they make the difference whether a fellow gets up or not.

If all of you remembered me in your prayers, who said they did, we have a pretty good praying bunch, around here. Thanks again.

John and Margarette Rowland

The Farnam Press , Thursday, 14 August 1958


Published: 8/16/2022 -
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