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Centennial History Book

Every community has cherishedREMINISCENCES


Mary Thrasher’s father and three brothers worked on layingthe Burlington & Missouri track, as did so many of the menwho were here in Farnam at that time.

They lived in a sod house that had three rooms. When shewas four years old, she remembered their barn burning down.Her parents went to town and she and her younger sisterstayed home.

She happened to look out the east window, saw their barn onfire. B. W. Ireland was her teacher. She was reading and hetried to have her read ’’Tick-tock" a certain way. She saidapparently she wasn’t reading it at the right speed. He hit herhand with a pencil for this. She said that it really hurt herfeelings. She laughed as she added this: he was the onlyteacher who punished her for not reading tick-tock at thecorrect speed.

Sophia (Franzen) Sobers say that she remembers when theircommunity began getting their mail every day. It was deliveredby Mr. Reeves. He drove a team of horses and later he got acar.

She remembers the windmill on Main Street.

Will never forget the shoe cobbler, Johnny Frank. It wasalways ten cents for what you had done.

The Parker Department Store was a large store. The ones inthe store that I remember are Will and Cora Parker, FloyCaley, Harry and Grace Bailey, Marion and Ethel Faulkes andthe Buss Family.

Published: 2/23/2024 -
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