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Centennial History Book

Every community has cherishedREMINISCENCES


In 1884 our family of five left Chicago to take up a homesteadin Lincoln County, three miles west of the Dawson County line.Later, the Burlington "High Line" went past our farm andFarnam was founded. Ours was the only windmill that I knewand neighbors for as far as seven miles came with barrels intheir wagons.The only drawback was the mill, a large challenge, with, Ithink, five fans that folded in to close it, and it took a good windto turn it. A colony had come from an Erie, Pennsylvania OilCompany, and they had a drilling outfit such as that used inErie. Two men pushed a bar and the head of the drill, walkingone on each side, round and round, until the drill was full. Awindlass pulled it up, rod by rod was screwed off, set to oneside, drill emptied, rods replaced for the next round. It tooksome time, as I remember to drill to 280 feet and good water.The lumber for the tall tower and the windmill had to come outfrom Plum Creek (Lexington) by team and wagon. We had asod house for eight years, then moved to Farnam. I taughtschool (country and town) for twelve years at $25 to $35 amonth. I married at thirty years and came to a new house,eight miles east of Cozad.Pansy Dutton Menke is remembered by the older citizens ofFarnam as a teacher and as a resident of Farnam. She passedaway a few years ago in Cozad.

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