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Taken from The Farnam Echo, 1936

Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Adkisson homesteaded about a milenortheast of Eustis in 1880, where he lived until 1891 when hemoved on the Muddy Creek, about 14 miles from here known tothe pioneers as the Harry Jones ranch, which Mr. Adkissonstill owns. His son, John, is farming it.

Mr. Adkisson says he remembers when he could ride fromhis place near Eustis to Stockville and not see a single house, ormeet anybody, except maybe a cowboy riding the range.

He helped with the boring of Keystone well, which was putdown in 1883.

When he first homesteaded he said the water holes, along inthe valley near where the depot and light plant now are,attracted the deer and antelope there and he had hunted themmany times on what is now the Farnam townsite. The nearesttrading point in those days was Plum Creek, now Lexington.

Mrs. Adkisson passed away February 24, 1909 at the familyhome.

Mr. Adkisson has four children living, all of them havingbeen born while they lived on the homestead during the ’80s.The children are: J. A. of Farnam; W. E. of North Platte;Mrs. Ira Wear of Farnam, and Mrs. Tom Hastings of Elsie.

Mr. Adkisson will be 80 years of age next December and haslived nearly 56 of these years in this vicinity, 41 of them he haslived southwest of Farnam.

Published: 3/27/2023 -
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