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Centennial History Book

Every community has cherishedREMINISCENCES


by Mabel Baxter
Taken from The Farnam Echo, 1936

In the year of 1885 District 30 school was organized by Mrs.Noyes, county superintendent. A sod house was built and usedfive years before the present frame one was built on the samelocation.

The following men with their families homesteaded and livedin sod houses and were responsible for organizing the school,which was named Pleasant Ridge: W. E. Palmer, whose wifenow resides at Famam, Jake Walker, a homesteader, who wasalso a well digger and mason, Lon Kelly, John Gerletts, JohnAndrews, Lee Miller, Mr. Luth, Mr. Hice, George Force,"Shorty" Howard, Levi Dunbar, Mr. Nelson and JoshuaPalmer.

Forty some pupils attended this school. The school housewas also used as a Baptist church and a place to hold singingschool and literary.

G. W. Todd bought the W. E. Palmer homestead in 1893,where he now lives. His daughter, Vella Herndon, still lives inDistrict 30.

G. W. Herndon bought the Bennetts place in 1907 and livedin a sod house. Mr. and Mrs. Herndon still live on that place.Their son, Lewis Herndon, still lives in District 30.

Andrew Harbert bought the Levi Dunbar homestead in1907. Mr. and Mrs. Harbert reside on the same place now.Their son, Edgar, is a resident in District 30.

Will Walther moved on the place his father purchased fromM. T. Ward, a homesteader, who later run the Stockvillecentral. Mr. and Mrs. Walther still occupy the same place.

Mr. and Mrs. Roy Welch occupy the farm where the father ofMr. Welch bought of Mr. Hice a number of years ago. Mr.Welch was a long time resident in District 30.

Mr. and Mrs. Lester Taylor live on the farm that wasoccupied a number of years by Thomas Taylor now of Curtis.

Thomas Taylor bought the John Andrews tree claim in earlydays.

J. C. Palmer, son of Joshua Palmer is the only son of a homesteader,who now lives in District 30. Mr. and Mrs. Palmerbought the place they still occupy in 1903 and have beencontinuous residents since that time.

Other early settlers have come and gone who were residentsfor several years in District 30, but did not leave descendantsor continue to hold their land here.

Published: 3/27/2023 -
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