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Centennial History Book


This book was written to preserve the history of Farnam for the people of today and forfuture generations.

The material for the book was obtained from the people of Farnam, people who lived atFarnam years ago and their descendents, as well as from newspapers of Farnam. Many of thenewspaper articles have been printed in this book as they appeared in the newspaper. Thearticle will be dated, therefore, keep this in mind as you read the article. The old timers,Farnams pioneers, who wrote these articles that are printed word for word, told about thetimes as they lived them. Their feelings were displayed in their writing of the articles. Theconsensus of the committee was to leave it this way.

The book is divided into several chapters to acquaint the reader with Keystone, Farnam, itsbusinesses through the years, its people of yesterday and today, and the churches, schools,and organizations that were and are a part of the Farnam community.

From the introduction of Keystone and Farnam to the closing poem about the pioneers ofFarnam, it can be said that ......... From these beginnings, we grew.

Published: 8/14/2022 -
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