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Centennial History Book


We have found pleasure in composing this History book for the community of Farnam. It hasmade us realize more clearly the hardships and the courage which was required by thepioneers in the early years of the settlement of this community. While none of us had done anythinglike this before we found the work very interesting and rewarding.

We dedicate this book to all the sturdy, far-sighted, hard working men and women, both livingand dead, who have made and are making Farnam a good community to live in and to allfuture citizens of Farnam who hopefully will feel pride and a deep regard for this community.It took a lot of courage and stamina to convert a raw prairie into a rich agricultural area witha land of many happy homes. The comforts and the many benefits which this generation nowenjoy are largely due to the efforts of those living here ninety-five years ago.

It is the beginning and the years between and the story of the people who lived in thoseyears that we hope to tell in the following pages. It is our desire that those who are still livingwill have fond memories of their years here and those future generations will be proud of theheritage left to them.

What a hard life the pioneers had compared to our push-button days we now enjoy! If thisbook has jogged your memory, brought a smile to your face, a chuckle maybe, or provided youwith many hours of reminiscing, then it has served its purpose.

We need to preserve our heritage and freedom and to assume responsibilities that make usworthy of our many blessings.

Published: 2/7/2023 -
Hosted and Published by Weldon Hoppe