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Community Shocked by Death of J. W. Thompson

The community was shocked and deeply grieved Monday at the death of J. W. Thompson, resident of the community for more than 50 years.

A man with hosts of friends, made through his long residence here, his life of service to others, and his friendly disposition makes him one who will be greatly missed by all.

He came to the community near Ingham with his parents in 1879, when his father established a cattle ranch. Later the family moved to Farnam and he has made this his home since that time.

For over twenty years he was a United States mail carrier on the Farnam rural route serving the south community and no weather was too bad, or roads too hard to prevent his faithful performance of the task he had.

In 1931 he retired from this service and had made his home here since. His daughter, Miss Maude Thompson, being with him most of the time since the death of Mrs. Thompson in 1932.

He is survived by his son, O. T. Thompson of Farnam; two daughters, Miss Maude Thompson, of Farnam and Mrs. G. I. Hicks of East Pasadena, Calif., and three sisters, Mrs. Matie Kerr of Farnam, Mrs. Ethel Horn of Bingham Canyon, Utah, and Mrs. Edna Bockewitz of St. Louis, Mo.

Funeral services were held at 3:00 o’clock Wednesday afternoon at the home. Rev. Fred Johnson, pastor of the local Methodist church officiated. Interment was made in the Farnam cemetery.

The Farnam Echo 34(28):1, Thursday, 17 March 1938

Joseph Wesley Thompson

Joseph Wesley Thompson was born February 14, 1866 at Winterset, Iowa.

The family came to eastern Nebraska that same year. In 1877 they moved to Frontier county, then to the Thompson ranch north of Ingham in 1879.

He was married to Ida B. Owen in 1888. They lived on the homestead in Walker precinct, where the children Owen, Maud and Mable were born.

They located in Farnam in 1903 [1905?] where the home has been since that time.

The friend and good neighbor to everybody.

He died March 14, 1938, survived by the children, Owen T. Thompson and Maud Thompson, Farnam; Mable Hicks, East Pasadena, Calif.; three grandchildren, Gerald Thompson, Dexter and Pauline Hicks; three sisters, Matie Kerr, Ethel Horn, Bingham Canyon, Utah and Edna Backowitz of St. Louis, Mo.


We wish to express our appreciation and thanks for the many kindnesses of our neighbors and friends during the illness and death of our father and brother, and for the beautiful flowers received.

   Maude Thompson
   Mr. and Mrs. G. I. Hicks and family
   Mr. and Mrs. O. T. Thompson and family
   Mr. and Mrs. F. B. Kerr and family

The Farnam Echo 34(29):1 Thursday, 24 March 1938

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