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Obituary Collection

Mary Martha Land, daughter of George and Mettie Land, was born near Stockville, Nebraska July 4, 1894, and passed from this life May 12, 1961.

Mary lived with her parents on the farm most of her younger years, but upon the death of her parents she made her home in Hastings, Nebraska where she resided until the time of her death.

Mary is preceded in death by her parents, and one sister, Fern. She is survived by two sisters, Mrs. Henry Schelles of Curtis, and Eva Lawyer of Marino, Colo., and many nieces, nephews and friends.

Funeral services were held Monday, May 15. Interment was in the Farnam Cemetery.


I do not ask that God shall always make my pathway light
I only pray that He will hold my hand throughout the night.
I do not hope to have the thorns removed that pierce my feet;
I only ask to find His blessed arm my sure retreat.
If He afflicts me, then in my distress withholds His hand—
If all His wisdom I can not conceive or understand,
I do not seek to always know His way or wherefore here;
But in time He will take my Hand, and make His meaning clear.

The Farnam Press 21(28). Thursday, May 18, 1961.

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