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      Thursday February 23, 2017    

In Memoriam

Died   Name   Buried
2/11   Robert "Joe" Bellamy ’54   Elwood, NE
2/7   Roger L. Koch ’67   Maxwell, NE
1/21   Cecil G. Krepcik   Farnam, NE
1/18   Lois Rice ’46   Farnam, NE
12/28   Thomas Davis   Farnam, NE

  Born this day in history:

1873 Mary E. (Palmer) Callihan
1880 Clifford Baker
1900 Pearl P. (Patterson) Clabaugh
1922 Dale O. Adkisson
1929 Paul L. "Bud" Callahan
1935 William W. Thomas
1937 Jerry Lee Jurgens
Died this day in history:

1901 Minnie E. (Walker) Bass
1940 Hartley D Alvord Cash Entry
1944 Annie M. (Ashbury) Preston
1981 Lena C. Peirsol
2000 Helen Hazel (Patterson) Palermo
2001 Wilma (Hazen) Stombaugh  ’60
2003 Ruby Mae (Gewecke) Gray  ’32
2009 Robert D. "Bob" Jack

News from this month in Farnam history:
  – F. F. Fairbanks Auction
  – Tanner's Quality Store ad
  – W. E. Hopkins Auction
  – Read - Important
  – Two Killed, Many Injured
  – Grape-Nuts ad
  – W. H. McCarl Auction

Recently posted obituaries, news articles and photos

  – Urmson, James (1831-1911)

  – Bellamy, Robert "Joe"  ’54 (1937-2017)

  – Koch, Roger L.  ’67 (1949-2017)

  – Millington, LaVonne (1920-1960)
  – Stebbins, Frederika (1868-1960)

  – New Owners Take Over (1960)
  – Cooker Blows Up (1960)

Miscellaneous additions:
    History Book - The Farnam Centennial history book (1982) has been scanned and all but three sections of the text added to this site. The remaining text and photos are being prepared. [updated 1/28/2017]

On the History Book page you will also find an Index of names in the print edition and an Index of names of Farnam High School graduates.

Homestead events on this day in history

Application filed:

1885 William H Wilmeth Timber Culture Homestead
1897 William A. Wallingford Homestead

Final proof filed:

1892 Levi Dunbar Homestead
1897 Eva (Smith) Mayfield Cash Entry Timber Culture

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 ’00 = Farnam High School Class of 1900
Patent Type: Cash Entry     Homestead    Timber Culture

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