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      Sunday June 16, 2019    

  World War I Commemoration  

During the 100th anniversary year of the end of World War I, the "Boys of Farnam" who answered the call to serve their country in the war will be honored here with the recognition of significant dates and events from before, during and after the war.


John Rowland, Dwight Stebbins, Harald Buss and Owen Thompson (pictured), along with C. E. Davidson and Cecil Williams arrived at Hoboken, NJ aboard the Leviathan on April 25, 1919.

  In Memoriam

  Born this day in history:

1829 Edward B. Murphy Cash Entry Cash Entry
1858 John W. Parker Homestead
1859 William Bick
1865 Myron H. Stone
1886 Winnie Workman
1900 C. Floyd Brooks
1902 Elmer L. Jackson
1904 Cyril L. Bray
  Died this day in history:

1913 Leo W. Messersmith
1932 Jacob H. Lemmon Homestead
1959 Albert E. Oman
1960 Benjamin B. Irelan
1967 Keith N. Reynolds  ’36
1983 Fern M. (Brooks) Banks
1989 Pearl M. (Culver) Hand
1997 Horace R. Bellamy
1998 Henry F. Newth
2016 De Lorice "Lorry" (Patterson) Fisher

News from this week in Farnam history:
  – Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1938)
  – Closing Out Buggies (1905)
  – Gives Birth to Triplets (1920)
  – Grasshopper Poisoning Day (1937)
  – Vote to Continue Ingham High (1937)
  – My Boyhood Days (1904)
  – Narrowly Escaped Drowning (1914)
  – Registration Day (1918)
  – Young Men Called To The Colors (1918)

Recently posted obituaries, news articles and photos

  – Hathaway, Ida (Wollam) (1878-1948)

Homestead events on this day in history

Application filed:

1884 George M. Dunton Homestead
Final proof filed:

1887 James R. Shaw Timber Culture Cash Entry Homestead
1890 August F. Schultz Homestead
1891 Herman Dyer Homestead

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 ’00 = Farnam High School Class of 1900
Patent Type: Cash Entry     Homestead    Timber Culture

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