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      Sunday October 22, 2017    

In Memoriam

Died   Name   Cemetery
10/13   Waunetta V. (Donner) Crisman   Farnam, NE
9/23   Janet Eileen (Knapp) (Groves) Linville  
8/31   Eddie D. Darnall   Farnam, NE
8/28   Raymond Klein   Farnam, NE

  Born this day in history:

1859 George A. Wilmeth Cash Entry Cash Entry
1875 Lillie Mae (Morgan) Kitchen
1888 Nora M. Walker
1901 Marion R. Metcalf
1925 Howard E. Wolf
1948 Billy E. McCormack
1961 Toni Lee Reynolds  ’83
Died this day in history:

1898 Mary Decker
1907 James Mason
1937 Jacob Reed Homestead
1938 Ronald D. Whitney
1948 Myrtle L. (Quick) (Hicks) Moyer
1953 Albert E. McMichael
1984 Dorothea A. M. (Jasper) Ihfe
1990 Fern M. (Hurley) Clement
1994 Earnest Mrylin Stapp
2010 Jeremy Joe Widick
2015 Willa E. (Gewecke) McCaa  ’47
2016 Barbara (Rowland) Thompson  ’45

News from this month in Farnam history:
  – Keystone Items - 10 October 1885
  – Fall From Tractor Fatal

Recently posted obituaries, news articles and photos

  – Crisman, Waunetta V. (Donner) (1923-2017)
  – Darnall, Eddie D. (1966-2017)
  – Linville, Janet Eileen (Knapp)(Groves)  (1942-2017)

Miscellaneous additions:
    History Book - The Farnam Centennial history book (1982) has been scanned and published to this site. HTML versions of each section are also being prepared and added as time allows. [updated 3/16/2017]

On the History Book page you will also find an Index of names in the print edition and an Index of names of Farnam High School graduates.

Homestead events on this day in history

Application filed:

1883 Mary E. (Swinford) Brown Homestead
1887 Enoch W. Marsh Homestead
1892 John Dalton Homestead
1892 Howard C. Gardner Homestead

Final proof filed:

1890 William R Chambers Homestead

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 ’00 = Farnam High School Class of 1900
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