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Centennial History Book

Every community has cherished REMINISCENCES


by Sophia Sollers

I attended School District No. 98 which was located one-half mile west of the Oath Farmer home or the Fred Schultz farm now. There was a large attendance sometimes as many as twenty to forty pupils. We had only one teacher for all of the students. The teachers that taught when I attended school were Mrs. Eggleston, the mother of Morna Crampton, Mrs. Hutchinson, Marian Berwick, Ray Mackey, Fronie Smith, Ruth Harrington and Amy (Mercer) Humphreus. We took about six subjects. Math was my favorite.

We walked to school if weather permitted and carried our lunches. The water was carried to school by some of the pupils. The teacher’s pay was from $40 to $50 per month. The teacher did the janitor work besides her job of teaching.

We would have box suppers or pie socials which were a lot of fun. The boxes or pies were sold to the highest bidder. It was always fun to see who would buy our box or pie. As it is now, kids always had special friends. The school would spent the money that was taken in at these socials for something that was needed, as new maps, a globe, or maybe an organ.

We played ball, drop the handkerchief, Ante I Over, hide and go seek, pump, pump pull away, tag, fox and goose, cat and mouse, and in the winter sometimes we would go skating.

We would have a big Christmas program. There were always special treats from the school board and the teacher.

Later this school house was moved to the Harry Taylor section.

Still later this school was consolidated with the Farnam School.

Those were good school days and I have many pleasant memories.

Published: 3/26/2019 -
Hosted and Published by Weldon Hoppe

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